Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes what Services Do They Provide For Rap artists ?

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes is a name that upcoming and aspiring musicians are familiar with. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes prides itself to be the most downloaded mixtape. Moreover, major artists host the mix tape. The company was established in 2006 and has worked with a number of big artists such as 50 cent, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Snoop Dogg, Pharell, Nas among others. The outfit is also known to have featured great DJs in its production. However, the core function of the company is to offer rap artists a variety of services.

The main services offered by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes are publicity and opportunity for artists. Getting to be known as a hip-hop rapper is one of the toughest task any rapper faces. There are many artists who have been rapping for a while but because they do not have the facilities to get to a wide audience, they have never seen the breakthrough they seek. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes bridges this gap through a number of services.

As a rapper, there is a lot that you can get from the services offered by the outfit. Most importantly, if you are a Hip Hop rapper who needs to come out and be recognized, the outfit has a number of services that you may find suitable for your career. Let us go through the services that are offered by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes to get rappers afloat. Tons of rappers are asking who are are Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes what Services Do They Provide For Rap artists ?

Instrumental submissions 

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes has up to volume 64 of rap instrumentals and rap instrumentals with hooks albums. This is an opportunity for producers and rappers to connect. As an upcoming rapper, getting to hear a good beat that matches your vocals may be a challenge. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes offers rappers an opportunity to access the producers beats and see if there is something for their vocals as hip hop rap producers get exposure.

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How to find the right beat maker to help produce your mixtape ?

A good mix tape must have the right beats. When I say the right beats, I mean a number of features. These features include but not limited to the quality of the sound, the intonation, variety, and the type of beats. Your beat maker will be influential in the quality of mix tape that you get. It gives the sound to the music. Moreover, you may even decide to just do the beats and have an instrumental mix tape. So how to find the right beat maker to help produce your mixtape ?

Hip Hop has evolved and the beats have evolved to include even what was traditionally considered non-hip hop. The versatility in producers has created a new audience that is not restricted to the type of hip-hop beats they listen to. People want more of these and that is why you need the right modern beat maker to get the rap beats that you need. Before I take you through what consists of a right beat maker, there are a number of issues that you need to know about beat makers.

What you need to know about beat makers 

beat selling websites

Beat makers are software that can be rewarding if used well. However, the extent to which the user can exploit the beat maker is limited to the technical specification of the software. When I say technical specification, I do not mean what is written on the website or the package of the product. I do not want you to trust the marketing words that you will be told. Markets will say anything that they need to say for you to buy their product. Technical specifications are the capabilities of the beat maker.

The beat maker is a tool. Every tool needs skills to give the required output. However, the tool determines 70% of the quality you get in this case. This means that the beat maker will influence even your talent. You need a tool that you can explore and enhance your talents, for you to improve continuously your skills. However, you should consider your hardware specifications. The software should be able to perform optimally with the computer that you have.

These are what to consider when getting the right beat marker.


(more…) vs Which Is The Better Mixtape Site ?

There are a number of mix tape websites online. These mix tape websites have the primary purpose of bring out the talent in musicians. They allow budding musicians to bring out their talents to the fore for the world to enjoy. Today we will discuss vs Which Is The Better Mixtape Site ?

Mix tapes have been in the hip-hop culture for many years. A rapper would create his or her mix tape and hand it over to a Dj, a radio presenter or a music producer to sample the music and if they liked it, they would play it to their audiences. That is exactly what mix tape websites do nowadays. They allow budding rappers to present their music to the world.

There are a number of websites that offer this service. The websites are designed differently with every website trying to make the best out of the service they offer. Two main websites that offer these services are and As a musician, you have the option of choosing between the two. Which of the two would serve your interest best? Here is a comparison of the two websites.

datpiff this website has the self-proclaimed title of being the authority in free mix tapes websites. It prides itself to have significant influence in the music industry when it comes to mix tapes.

Many analyses rank the site to be the most visited mix tape website in the world. It has more than 500,000 hits per week. Arguably, many people who feel that they need to get the feel of mix tapes usually visit this site.

Moreover, the site is 100% copyright compliant. It observes all rules that are necessary to ensure that your property as an artist is safe. That means that all the downloads and uploads are compliant with the legal requirement.

However, if you need sufficient publicity as a rapper or an artist, you need to advertise yourself. In as much as there are many visitors that visit the site, there are equally many mix tapes in the shelves. Without a proper campaign through the tools that are readily available within the site, you will be nowhere to be found.