The importance of your own website when promoting a mixtape online

Year back from now, you needed to carry your tape to a renowned figure in the music industry such as a Dj, radio presenter or most important a music producer for you to get a chance in the music industry. That was the interview for musicians especially rappers and hip-hoppers. However, things have changed. You do not necessarily need to follow the Dj or radio presenter with your mix tape; you can as well get directly to the audience that is the people online.

If you are going online, you have two options. You may consider websites such as Datpiff,, Live Mixtapes,,, and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes to host your mix tapes or have your own website and do it yourself. There are a number of advantages that come with you having your own website. Let us see why it is better to have your music on your website rather than these community mix tape websites when promoting your mix tape.  In this post I will discuss the importance of your own website when promoting a mixtape online.

Having a website is affordable and CHEAP  !!

I know this may come as a surprise but believe me, having your own mix tape website is affordable compared to the community mix tape websites. All you need to do is have a good host and a good website created for you. You will own the space for life provided you pay a modest annual fee for hosting that varies with the host. Blue Host is a cheap and reliable company  and I used them for my websites. Once you have paid this, you have the freedom to promote your mix tape at absolutely no extra cost for all that time. The other sites will not charge you when submitting your mix tape but you will be required to pay membership fee that go up to $25 a month translating to $300 for promotional services. Which is way above what you will pay for your website.

No competition for visibility

musicians websiteIf you are a member of the mix tape community websites, you are one in a many. Some of these websites have as many as 10,000 artists who submit mix tapes regularly. You will be in a crowd. Having your own website allows you to be visible. You have no competitor for visibility in your website, it’s all about you. You have all the space. Moreover, it gives you a chance to collect your mix tapes into a profile bringing together all your work to create an identity in style.

Customized branding 


Rocbattle vs Soundclick Which is better for buying rap beats ?

You can buy rap beats online. This way, you can access the best producers without prejudice. The websites makes the music business easy especially for the upcoming artists with talents. If you can take advantage of the beats and put good vocals to it, then you have a chance to be a star. There are two notable names in this music revolution. They are Rocbattle and Soundclick.

Rocbattle and Soundclick are websites that allow rap enthusiasts and talent to come into reality with their dreams. The websites allow visitors to download already created beats online after paying and use the beats in their music. However, the discussion for today is a comparison of the two sites. The main discussion is determining between Rocbattle vs Soundclick which is better for buying rap beats?

Let me start with Rocbattle.


This site is based in a competitive model of creating beats known as the beat tournament. This means that the standards are always improving. This is how it goes. Two producers come up with unique beats and bring them to a competition. The member and staff are involved in the voting for the best beats, this way you get the same audience the beats will be getting when they are in the market. The outcome is the best beat wins. This way, producers will always be putting more effort to beat each other on rap beats. The outcome is continuous improvement in creativity and quality.

The site has tools that help producers come up with the beats that they need to create and sell. Depending on the package that you have, you can select a particular beat that would work for you. This way, good talent in music production have an opportunity to access the best tools in the market and develop quality beats. However, the producers have to pay for silver and gold packages this means that you will have to pay more for a quality producer when downloading their good rap beats. The average cost of a beat here is $10.

I like RocBattle because of its easy navigation. If you need some good rap beats, all you need to do is go at the top of the page and select the buy beats button. Then you can select the type of beat that you need to download and choose from the available beats.

Now let us check out Soundclick


Why rappers should buy original rap beats for their mixtapes and albums ?


Hip hop music which is a creation of Keith Cowboy, Lovebug Starski and DJ Hollywood is now also known as hip-hop, rap music. But the credit is given to Keith Cowboy who by improvised jazzing sing the lyrics hip hop hip hop to tease his friend who joined U.S army. This imitated with the rhythm of marching soldiers. Later on he worked on the rhythm and tempo of hip hop and uses it in his stage performance. The tempo was catch by other musicians as well.

It is a type of music in which rapping goes along with conventional regular music. It is a rhythmic music that is repeated. The music consist of four artistic elements rapping, DJing, break dancing and graffiti writing. Fusion and beat boxing are also the part of this music. The hip hop is mixed with rapping however the essential element of hip hop is not rapping. Rapping slots in djing, instrumental tracks and beat boxing which are components of hip hop.

Increased popularity of Block Parties in New York during 1970 was a cause for the development of hip hop music. Initially hip hop music started popular in African American young people who lived in Bronx. DJs who played most famous type of music like soul and funk were merged by Block Parties. With the progressive reaction of this new type of music DJs started separating from the music bands. This practice was usual in Jamaican music and Jamaican colonizers from New York and Caribbean.

Rapping is also stated as emceeing it is a type of singing style in which rapper sings rhythmically in a verse with fused beats. Rappers make up their own lyrics, memorize it and perform it on a beat. A 4/4 time drum pattern signature beats are generally always used. The origin of rapping is African American then finally African music. DJ Kool Herc who was considered father of rapping along with Coke La Rock present a singing style of rapping in which common poetry verses are sing on funk music beats.


Is It Safe To Buy Beats On Soundclick ?

Prior to discussing is it safe to buy beats on Soundclick, let us have a look at what exactly is Soundclick. Soundclick is an online community that features both signed as well as unsigned artists. This free community came into being in the year 1997 and offer free of cost audio/video streaming, MP3 downloads and a lot more. The community has more than three million members and hip-hop artists looking for buying beats, seek its help. If you are an artist planning to purchase rap instrumental beats on Soundclick, here are certain things which you should be aware of:

Things You Should Know While Buying Beats on Soundclick:

· There are so many artists just like you who have purchased rap beats on Soundclick without an agreement. These artists are legally unprotected.

· There are reports of producers on Soundclick stealing your beats from some other producer and selling them.

· There are cases when the producers have not sent the beat file to the artists even after receiving payment from them.

Positive Aspect of Buying Beats on Soundclick

If you are apprehensive about buying beats online and wonder is it safe to buy on Soundclick, then given here are some of the pros which you should be aware of:

They are Well-organized:

Soundclick is excellent in organizing their material. There is a separate section for the artists looking for beats or Instrumental raps only. Also, when you enter that section you will find loads of more genres of the similar beat. An easy to use preview button would let you hear the soundtrack.